Book two, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats, urges acceptance and advises against prejudice. “It’s best to be open and trusting and kind, and always to keep an open mind.” Learn to accept others in a non-judgemental, open-minded fashion.

Book #1 taught children aged 3 and up that it is best to try to get along with others in life.

Book #2, The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats, also has clever, colorful illustrations by award-winning artist Gary McCluskey, and a story from Constance (Corcoran) Wilson, veteran educator. The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats makes the case that we should judge others fairly based on real-life experience, not on stereotypes that might not be true. It is a plea for all to help others, keep an open mind and avoid prejudice.

The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats was one of seven winners in 2014’s Chicago Writers’ Association competition in the Non-tradional Fiction category.

Read What the Reviewers Have To Say:

“When my daughter first saw this book, she wanted to read it. I will admit, the cover art really drew us in. It has bright colors and rats in a tub looking like they are having fun. Obviously, this was going to be a good book. Inside the book the artwork is just the same. It is very colorful and whimsical. The artist has “cartoon” life mixed with some everyday life. I like this because it helps kids identify with the story better. Not only do they see it as a cartoon, but they seem some reality in it. ” — Read More >