Book four, The Christmas Cats Fear For the Deer,  teaches everyone to help others when they are in need.

The Christmas Cats Fear For the Deer is a Seussical tale for young children which builds upon the morals of the first three Christmas Cats books.

This year, the Christmas Cats in Silly Hats, who go about helping animals in distress, are trying to help save the lives of the deer who live in Scott County Park. Hunters are routinely sent to shoot the deer, and the cats want to warn the deer away, so that they will not fall victim to the town’s plans to “thin the herd.”

The Cop Cat, Cy, thinks up a particularly ingenious plan to save all the deer in Scott County Park by introducing them to a jolly old guy in a red suit who lives at the North Pole. Perhaps the deer can also help Santa on Christmas Eve, if they are outfitted with prosthetic (fake) antlers?


“Tis the season new adorable Christmas stories to read to our children. I recently came across such a cute book, you can read it to a very young child and they will love it! It’s called Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer. It’s sort of reminded me of the story of Bambi, but with a Christmas theme.” — Read More

“The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer by Constance Corcoran Wilson with art by Gary McCluskey is going to be a sure-fired hit with your little ones this year.

I love almost any book that I get my hands on, and The Christmas Cats is no exception. I enjoyed this book so very much (even if it is written for a younger demographic) and I’m sure your children will love it as much as I did. This is a definite *must add* to anyone with a Christmas list of children who love animals and reading this year!” — Read More

“This adorably illustrated book is perfect for older children this holiday. It tells the tale of The Christmas Cats and their rescue of the deer at “Scott County Park”. The deer were rescued right before hunting season started and sent to live with Santa where they became reindeer. My children are on the younger side and don’t know about hunting so I just skipped that part. Other than that aspect of the book, it was an adorable story about animals and the magic of Christmas. The book has a really cute coloring page at the end that I copied for my class (everyone loved that!)” — Read More

“Many of us adults can relate to the problems deer can cause in our yards and gardens. This story shows the other side of deer desperately trying to find a place to live and eat during the long winter months. Through rhyme and humor, the Christmas Cats are able to find the perfect place for the deer to live that will keep everyone happy. The illustrations are vivid and show the personalities of the cats and the deer. The deers’ faces show fear, disappointment, and happiness without even reading the words on the pages. This story shares the lessons of helping others and the determination to find the best solution. Lower-elementary-aged children will enjoy these tales of the Christmas Cats.” — Read More

“I read this with my 7-year-old and we both loved it.  I was initially concerned about the references to hunters and wondered where the story would take them.  However, I was impressed at the author’s ability to tackle what could be a sensitive topic in an age-appropriate and comical way.  My daughter particularly liked the reference to the North Pole, Santa Clause, and his reindeer, which made everything more familiar.” — Read More